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Roots bring wings.

As I have “grown up” as a parent and in my role as director of WinShape Camps for Girls, I have learned that children – no matter where they are in life – need roots, because one day they will have wings. Let me explain.

Having strong roots allows children to begin to experience a sense of confidence in who they are and for what God can do through them. A firm foundation allows them to make important decisions in life that will ultimately impact the lives of others – friends, family, coworkers, and even their own children some day.

Independence is not easy, and it can be a very demanding thing for a young person to handle if they don’t first have a concrete understanding of who they are and what they believe. John and I have spent a great deal of time talking with our own children about the importance of making good decisions and trying to help give them a biblical filter through which they can determine the correct paths in life to take.

While we have not been perfect parents – and I am certainly not a perfect camp director –I have always tried my best to give children a happy example and a firm foundation from which they can take flight on down the road.  

In all my ways, I try to model a lifestyle that is based on the following things:

1. Trust in God through a personal relationship with Jesus

2. Obedience to God and to His teachings in the Bible

3. Stewardship of God’s gifts: time, talent, money and influence

4. Strong work ethic

5. Pursuit of excellence – doing my best in all that I do

You see, I consider my role as a leader – in my home and at WinShape Camps – to be the most important role I can ever have. It is a God-given responsibility, and I want to honor Him by making sure I steward those responsibilities well.

While in our care, children are dependent on us (looking to us for emotional, spiritual, financial, physical support), and we were obligated to lead them according to God’s direction… because soon they will have wings, and they will fly away to establish roots in their own lives and families.

Roots bring wings. Plant them well.

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