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Make a better life...

"We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give."  - Winston Churchill

It was just a short conversation, but this little girl changed the way I think about my life and the lives of those I serve...

Last summer at WinShape Camps, I noticed a young girl sitting alone reading her Bible and decided to take the opportunity to chat with her.  Within a matter of seconds she was telling me her story: abandoned by her father; abused by her mother; ran away from home; arrested; then placed in foster home with house parents who loved her well.

She also shared that she had repeated the same grade for two years, and told me how badly she wanted to succeed this school year. We had the chance to talk about the importance of setting goals and sharing them with someone who can help hold you accountable. She said she has a good relationship with her house mom, but that the week after returning home from camp, those parents were leaving.

I was surprised to hear that and asked if she knew why the parents were leaving. She lowered her head and said that her house parents had 3 natural children, and they needed “to focus on raising them for a while…” Then she looked up at me and said, “But their children seem to be doing just fine. It’s all of us without real parents who need them…”

My heart broke to hear this sweet teenage girl express her need for someone’s love. It was then that I realized how the WinShape Camps experience really can be more than a fun way to spend a week or two in the summer – it can be the highlight of a young person’s year. It is the place where they can forget, if just for a moment, all of their worries and problems. It’s a place where they can laugh, have fun, learn new skills but most importantly get a greater understanding of who God is and just how much He loves them.

At the close of our conversation, we had the chance to pray together, and I promised to continue praying for her throughout the year. I’m so glad that God called me to work in a ministry that is so focused on creating experiences that result in life-change.

I will keep this girl in my thoughts and prayers until I see her again next summer at camp, and I hope that you will join me as so many young people long for the love they so richly deserve, but oftentimes do not receive.

Regardless of how you make your living, think about how you can make a better life by serving others. Are you giving so that others might gain?

If you would like to learn more about WinShape Camps, visit To find out how you can help a young person experience the summer of a lifetime, contact us at 800.448.6955. ext. 1120

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