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Family Assembly

Seven years ago our family welcomed our first grandchild into the family. She was and is an indescribable blessing to all of us, and since her arrival we have been blessed with six other bundles of joy that remind us “how great the gift of a child.”

We realized very quickly though that it was going to be an ongoing challenge to have “uninterrupted” adult conversations and meaningful alone time with our adult children as soon as these wonderful young ones entered our lives.

You know, everyone takes time out for things that are important to them: spouses, hobbies, friends, church… So, our family decided that it was equally important to take quality time out to focus on our adult children and the legacy that we are all responsible for from now on.

Each year, John and I invite our children to get away and spend a 3-day weekend with us – just the adults.  We call the get-together our Family Assembly, and it has become one of the most treasured and anticipated traditions we share.

During the weekend, we typically address important values related to our family as a whole, but we also spend time learning about what all is going on in each other’s lives. Most of our time is spent in deep, rich conversation, but we also have a lot of fun together. We play games, watch football, enjoy nature and, of course… we eat with each family being responsible for providing a meal to share with everyone.

In the American culture the name of the game is "go, go and go some more,” and unless we are intentional and decide to “stop” and make time for each other, we run the risk of losing touch with some of the most important people in our lives. I am so grateful for my growing family, but it is a wonderful blessing to be able to pause and spend time with the older family members and share and learn from them each year.

I hope that you, too, can find time for all of the loved ones in your life.

Do you have family traditions you’d like to share? I would love to learn from you…

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