New Hope Baptist Church


The local church is one of the most significant and important institutions on the planet. I think that if we want to maximize our effectiveness and take full advantage of leadership opportunities, we should be invested and involved in the local church. 

Individuals and organizations today are so heavily influenced by worldly impressions and opinions that we seem to be losing our focus on things that are right and true. The Bible talks about love and honor, dignity and respect, and the fact that "the greatest among you is the servant of many." The Bible is so rich with knowledge and wisdom that enables us to go confidently throughout our day-to-day... It's our handbook for doing life right, and it is our comfort in times of struggle and doubt.

Our bodies, minds and souls need to be refreshed and renewed by the teaching of biblical truth, and nowhere is this more effectively done than in local churches. Church is not a sanctuary for saints; it's a hospital for sinners... like me.

New Hope Baptist Church has been my church home and "hospital" for more than 15 years. This is the place - more than any other - that feeds me and prepares me to be more effective in my leadership of others.

Over the years, I have enjoyed many responsibilities at New Hope, but perhaps the biggest and most fulfilling has been the opportunity I have to teach Sunday School to high school juniors and seniors. What a joy to be able to share and learn with those young men.